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Strategies often require key captures, investment decisions, or acquisitions. However, the teams responsible for executing the strategy rarely have any involvement in developing it.  By choosing Pennant Solutions as your partner, we will help your execution teams succeed by pulling forward the insights and experience gained from your strategy development, and by providing the analytical horsepower needed to solve difficult and time-sensitive challenges.  Additionally, with decades of experience and billions of dollars of captures and acquisitions under our belts, you can rely on our experts to be advisors for complex issues as they arise.

Our Execution Support services include:

  • Bid Development - Whether you need support developing innovative partnering strategies, financing structures, pricing approaches, or risk-adjusted business cases, we have a full-spectrum of services to support a winning proposal strategy.

  • M&A Due Diligence - Acquisitions are characterized by tight deadlines and complex analysis.  We're on call to evaluate the strategic, financial, and operational performance of your targets, quantify potential synergies, and support your valuation.

  • Financial Modeling – Business decisions can involve numerous interdependent assumptions.  We offer an array of financial modeling solutions to help you improve your forecasts, investment decisions, and cost structures.

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